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Linear motion solutions for the food and beverage industry

21/02/24 09:25

As a part of the Schaeffler Group, Ewellix is a global manufacturer and supplier of linear motion solutions. At Food Manufacturing Live, Ewellix will be showcasing a combined portfolio of the INA and Ewellix brands.

New event sells out and expands within weeks

20/02/24 07:06

Launched just weeks ago to serve the needs of engineers across the UK food and drink manufacturing sector, FoodManufacturing.Live has already sold out and has now been expanded. Organisers The Engineering Network (TEN) announced the event in October and have seen stand sales surge to the point where an additional hall has now been added.

Feeling overwhelmed with your factory expansion plans?

19/02/24 09:00

The majority of SME food factory owners that are facing expansion tell Oakley Food Projects that it’s the biggest investment they’ve ever made in the business and they’re afraid of the consequences of getting it wrong, that they’re busy managing the day-to-day business and lack the time and headspace to focus on a project, that they’re worried about the project becoming a major distraction, and that their lack of experience results in unforeseen pitfalls which often lead to time and budget overrun.

HepcoMotion highlights automation solutions at Food Manufacturing Live

14/02/24 12:00

At stand 63 HepcoMotion, world-leading manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components, will be showcasing how its products meet practically any requirement from track systems for robot automation, to heavy duty systems, to a host of small components to perform simple or complex operations.

Helping food manufacturers embrace a sustainable, digital era

14/02/24 11:00

Meet the Gemba Solutions team at Food Manufacturing Live and learn how they help businesses meet compliance standards. The company can demonstrate how critical control point check processes use customisable forms and scheduled checklists to bid farewell to paper clutter and embrace a sustainable, digital era.

52 years of experience in machinery safety

14/02/24 10:00

Mechan Controls has been designing and manufacturing machine guard safety products since 1972. With 52 years of experience within the machine safety industry, all products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Solving the food challenge

14/02/24 09:00

The food and beverage industry faces a particular set of challenges: round-the-clock operation, very high speeds, repeated cleaning cycles, longevity, keeping bearing solutions sealed, demanding food safety requirements and, to an increasing degree, sustainability. Depending on the application, the bearings must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals and mechanical stresses, says Thomas Richmond, industrial sales engineer for food and beverage at Schaeffler UK.

Aegeus Industries highlights capabilities at FoodManufacturing.Live

13/02/24 10:00

Aegeus Industries is the umbrella company for Spooner Industries, Dowson Food Machinery and Process Energy.

Helping food manufacturers increase efficiency and productivity

13/02/24 09:00

Bosch Rexroth provides customers with value added engineering solutions that seamlessly integrate products from the entire Bosch Rexroth factory automation portfolio.

ACORN highlights bearing technologies at FoodManufacturing.Live

08/02/24 11:00

SKF Food Line ball bearing units from ACORN Industrial Services offer customers corrosion resistance, excellent seal performance and NSF registered food-grade lubrication, enhancing equipment reliability and food safety. Their hygienic design facilitates easy cleaning, reducing maintenance and downtime, ensuring compliance with food regulations and saving operational costs.

Reduce costs and increase reliability

08/02/24 09:00

Direct Air will be showcasing fantastic ways to reduce costs and increase reliability with technology including nitrogen generation, oil-free air compressors, filtration and air quality testing services at FoodManufacturing.Live.

Sensing solutions for food and beverage production

07/02/24 12:00

Baumer, the Swiss, family owned, sensor and instrumentation manufacturer will be showing off some of their latest innovations and food and beverage hygienic solutions at Food Manufacturing Live.

Innovative automation products for the food manufacturing industry

07/02/24 09:00

Energy Efficient Drive Systems brings innovative products to the food manufacturing industry with partners SOGA, CMZ and DAGU, three unique Italian manufacturers.

GRAPHALLOY bearings in FDA acceptable and (EC) No. 1935/2004 grades

06/02/24 09:00

GRAPHALLOY bearings eliminate maintenance and frequent replacements in food applications and are available in FDA Acceptable and (EC) No. 1935/2004 grades.

Reduced cost of precision distance measurement in food and beverage tasks

02/02/24 12:00

The P|Prox range of stainless steel, IP69K rated inductive distance sensors from ifm electronic, reliably measuring the distance to metallic targets with micrometre precision no longer requires expensive measuring systems.

Connectors for food and beverage applications

02/02/24 11:00

HARTING will be demonstrating its Han F+B connector series at Food Manufacturing Live. The range is Ecolab approved and resistant to aggressive cleaning agents. The polypropylene housings conform to FDA 21 and all hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated and fully resistant to water cleaning jets.

New hygienic design actuator from Harmonic Drive

02/02/24 10:00

The new HHA Hygienic Hollow Shaft Actuator combines the latest motor technology, a high-performance Harmonic Drive CSG Gear Component Set and a high capacity tilt resistance output bearing.

High-quality coils, connectors and sensors from ATAM

02/02/24 09:00

ATAM manufactures high-quality coils, connectors and sensors for food and beverage industry applications.

Robotic sandwich filling line aided by ‘smart’ sensors

19/01/24 13:00

‘Smart’ sensors have become an essential component in many food manufacturing systems as the demand for ever more sophisticated automation continues apace across a huge range of processing applications. Smart 2D profile sensors from Baumer are playing a key role in an automated sandwich and filled rolls production line at Germany company Weber Maschinebau.

Condition monitoring of servo motors in food manufacture

15/01/24 09:00

Servo motors play important roles in the food industries, with applications including forming, filling, sealing and positioning. Given the cost of machinery downtime, monitoring the condition of motors is key, and OMRON has launched the K7DD-PQ Series for just that.

Food industry can move beyond big data toward smart data

11/01/24 09:00

Huge amounts of data are generated in food and beverage manufacturing processes, but how much of that data is actually used to build insights that can really help the business? Here, Beth Ragdale, product manager at automation specialist Beckhoff UK, explains the value of consolidating production line data.

Sidney Hamilton-Williams joins the TEN team

03/01/24 09:20

The Engineering Network (TEN) extends a warm welcome to industry sales expert Sidney Hamilton-Williams. She takes up her position this week as Portfolio and Events Manager on TEN’s Food Manufacturing.Live specialist event and its associated website after a long and distinguished career at Western Business Publishing.

Hygienic connectivity in the food and beverage industry

20/12/23 09:00

Hygiene and safety are critical in the food processing industry. Machines and equipment must be easy to clean to prevent dirt particles and bacteria from accumulating and meet strict requirements for usage in the food industry. HARTING’s Han F+B range of connectors have been designed with a focus on such applications.

HMS Networks acquires Red Lion Controls

19/12/23 11:00

Red Lion Controls, a leading supplier of controllers, data acquisition products, sensors, process control products, ethernet solutions, communications converters, HMIs and panel meters for the food and beverage sectors, is to be acquired by HMS Networks.

Automating the food industry can reduce waste and ruined food

19/12/23 09:00

Automation can help boost the food industry’s traceability, efficiency and quality control. All these benefits can help companies reduce food waste and damaged products, as Adnan Khan, manager of food and beverage industries at Beckhoff UK, explains.

Entering 2024 with an air of optimism

15/12/23 12:00

With news that food manufacturing giant Mars is augmenting operations across its 160 manufacturing plants with Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins IoT service, Stephen Hayes, managing director of Beckhoff UK, explores this and some of the other trends that he foresees in 2024.

Fast response to flow in the production of meat substitutes

13/12/23 13:00

Developed primarily for use in conformal temperature control systems in applications such as the production of meat substitutes, the new SBT-series flow sensors from ifm electronic respond to flow rate changes in less than 10 ms, even at low flow rates. This ensures that process quality is maintained and the risk of product wastage is minimised.

Easy to clean, hygienic design linear guide

13/12/23 09:00

igus has developed its first linear guide system that is based on EHEDG hygienic design guidelines. Using FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer iglidur A160 and a high-alloy stainless steel, and carriage design with a washable interior, means the design adheres to hygienic standards.

Showcasing design, production and process engineering in the food and drink sector

05/12/23 08:30

Taking place on 1 May 2024 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Food Manufacturing Live serves the design, production, process and maintenance engineering teams across the UK food and drink manufacturing sector.

Stainless steel safety interlocks for food manufacturing

01/12/23 09:00

IDEM Safety Switches designs and manufactures the world’s largest range of safety products in stainless steel – utilising the latest technologies to ensure that the food manufacturing industry never has to compromise on safety over hygiene.

An exciting new launch - Food Manufacturing Live – May 1st 2024 – National Motorcycle Museum

01/09/23 21:23

Specialist engineering publisher and exhibition organiser The Engineering Network (TEN) has just announced an all-new event for suppliers of engineering solutions to the food and drink manufacturing sector.

Thank you for your interest. To register either as a VIP Visitor or as a potential exhibitor, please complete your details here and tick the relevant box.